Saturday, April 29, 2006

Here and now

A completely contrary feeling from writing a diary.....
Diary - you dont want anyone to read it and still you write it thinking - what if someone reads it!
Here the feeling is - I am writing, but what if no one reads it!!

Anyway, I never thought of what happened to all the diaries I wrote, on and off for many years, and I wont think of what happens to this blog.

I am getting married on 18th May - thats under 3 weeks from today!
You try to manage so many things and still so many things are unmanageable.
I did some "India shopping" today. I wanted to get some things for my nieces and nephews, but I have lost count of them. Not that there are many, but I dont know how many.....of what age, if they even know me!
About my cousins too - I cant imagine what they would like, what are the latest trends.
People change with time.
I have lost touch with my near and dear ones.
I dont think I can manage another 31/2 years of hiatus from my day to day world - atleast till last 5 years.

Sid told me about some time back and encouraged me to be a member.
I thought - having avoided any kind of community for last 5 years, why should I become a part of one?
Out of shear boredom and a need to get my mind out of all things marriage, I finally decided to give it a try.
I found some old freinds and found some new ones.
It kind of epitomised my beloved "american thinking" - keeping in touch and still not getting involved. It has a cool feature of seeing who visited ur profile and while chasing an unknown person who visited my blog, I stumbled upon her blogspot and the long buried, ignored, ridiculed, unpersued urge to write forced herself back.

I dont know what is a blog, or what to write there.
But I think thats good.
I can create my own world here.
Something like John Galt created in "Atlas Shrugged"!

But for here and now, hop in and be prepared for a different ride.

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  1. Mama

    I remember having written a detailed reply to this blog of yours which never saw daylight because my baby started crying and before I could pacify her and return to submit the comment the session had expired!

    Anyway, I love the way you write. I liked that second day in Nepal blog! That guy was really funny in the blog there! :-) The bit about the indian water pump was especially funny!!

    But where is your blog mate?! Write something... so many experiences in past few weeks and you haven't written about anything!!

    Come on... give it a go!!