Monday, June 05, 2006

Searching for words

The mind thinks of beautiful pieces when its not thinking of writing.
What happens to it when the fingers touch the keypad??

Just now I thought of writing about the phone conversation I had with an old friend, or of how Orioles always loose whenever I watch their game, of Da Vinci Code, or of general summer mood....

But what happened to the great ideas - like that letter to Sheikh Nissar Ahmed, or about Renigunta Junction, the dikes around Tirupati, and to the Madras Monsoon?

It needs patience to reach that moment's exuberance through writing.
Dreams are dreamt in fractions of seconds but they can define your mood for the next day. So many unsaid, unheard, felt, sensed things need to be "explained" or rather described in order to recreate that effect that you felt in that one moment.

bas itni see to jaan hotee hai ek gaane kee...
haan kuchh lamhe baraso jindaa rahte hain....

The most difficult thing about writing is to be honest with yourself, not to pretend, not get worried about how people will judge you by your writing - take my word, its downright difficult. I am trying that "Finding Forrester" line - Damn it! Write. Dont think.

Gagan sadan, sadip khare, kawita, paaus, pune, books, nadee, bhor, Dhag, high school, shaalaa, wahi pustak, jagan, punhaa paaus, punhaa punhaa paaus......

aataa purey!

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