Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Abhijit Bathe ko gussa kyon aataa hai?

Now its becoming a bit too much - the urge to write or an excuse to run away from other responsibilities?
Bryson used to say that PhD students have the cleanest apartments - they do anything and everything to procrastinate from their work!!
Well my apartment is not that fortunate!
I have to pull myself away from the bed in the morning, go to the office, work, think of loosing some weight during lunch, fight the sleep with cups of coffee, and (then) try to do some work....

Ya, ya - I hear the murmurs....but even I am entitled to complain about my job sometime.

Today was a test - I watched an Orioles game right from the first pitch and couldnt believe my eyes when they were leading for a couple of innings. But I am seriosly thinking of becoming a punter, so predictable is my relation with them! Its the bottom of the 8th and they are 1 down trailing 6-4.

Guess what - O's lost....

I have promised you guys a different ride, but really, how different it really is?

I was walking home with a friend once and all of a sudden she asked me - why are you so angry?

Am I?
Yes I am.
I dont know why.
Maybe its just a habit.
I get angry and then I devise a solution to it - aim and then go about it.
I do get angry going about it too, but there is always something to be chased. Once I get it, I get confused and then obviously - angry.
Till I find my next target.

Baba wants to talk to my friends and would like all of us to talk to all our friends - he thinks we will find some missing jigsaw pieces in the process. Will we really?
My guess is, we will get more confused about the person we thought we knew!
We behave in so many different roles in so many different places.
Put that together and do we get the complete picture? The missing jigsaw pieces??

BTW, why do we have to complete that jigsaw puzzle?
Why cant we leave it like that and just enjoy the corner that we got for ourselves?
Why do I use so many question marks??

Why really - I am so angry?

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  1. Haa..haa.. :-D good one.!! I have started feeling that I always believe the argument which I have heard the latest.. When baba said, we should try to complete the jigsaw puzzle, I agreed.. and now when u say , "no, we shouldn't" then I tend to agree too.. ;-) See, this is the secret of happiness, and you were wondering about my shirt. ;-p

    nice blogs mama.. keep blogging.. this looks muchh better than Orkut.. That Orkut was looking more like "ganeshotsavacha dekhava", while ur blogs are more like diary pages.