Sunday, June 04, 2006

What not to do on Sunday!

What did I do today?
Got up late, started reading news, followed the cricket scores, watched TV for sometime, felt like downloading some Bob Dylan songs and ended up dowloading a lot of Indian classical music.
Ya I would like to develop my interest in it, and it does feel good listening to.....sometimes.
But I dont know anything about it.
If someone asks me which raga is this or who sung it?
Or plain - what do u like about it??

I have been planning to clean the apartment for last 4 days but havent had time (!) to do it.
Wait a minute - I am lying.
I have plenty of time - its just that I am too lazy to move.
I look for "inspiration" to get out of my bed!!
Its already 2.00pm and whats my plan for today?

Get up, cook, have some whisky before the lunch and some white wine after......or should I move them around? (BTW, got some good Souvignon Blanc - I am going to learn some good wine tasting also.....taking a few lessons from Thomas. God how many things am I trying to learn at the same time!!)
Complete the Arthur Hailey book "Hotel" which I have been reading bit by bit since last 4 days - I dont think I will be able to complete it though.
I like Arthur Hailey - bithaake rakhataa hai!!
I had read his "Final Diagnosis" sometime back.

Read MT Aiwa Maru by Anant Samant and Five Point Someone by Chetan hagat. My wife didnt let me complete Da Vinci Code as she had to read it.

What else? Need to clean the apartment - its not bad, just needs to be vacuum cleaned, and ya, need to return some calls - u see u have to maintain relations when you get married!!
As someone said - you have to "work" on your marriage!
I am already panting at the first round called marriage and already looking for inspiration to return my "in-laws" calls, but I am sure I will get used to it and wont have to make an effort doing that.

Its how you look at it - I can say that I relaxed on a Sunday and did nothing, exactly as I wanted.....
Sounds positive right?

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